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Which would you prefer? A flexible manufacturing ERP solution that provides a fast return on investment, or a long, expensive project that requires too much customization? Partner with SYSPRO and see how quickly your manufacturing operations gain efficiency, become more streamlined, with improved quality, and an increase in profitability.

With SYSPRO you get much more than an ERP solution


Nearly 70% of manufacturers credit the IoT
with increasing their profitability.

source: Forbes (2019)

Your business demands specialized knowledge. That’s why it’s important to choose a technology partner who not only concentrates on building flexible, leading-edge manufacturing software solutions but who also has experience delivering results for companies in your particular industry. Finding a manufacturing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software partner with in-depth knowledge of your industry can help you achieve success.

Whether manufacturing to order or to stock, using discrete or process methods; engineering to order; or building large project-based assets, SYSPRO’s outstanding flexibility ensures a comprehensive set of tools to help you plan, record, track and control your output. With the option of deploying on premise or in the cloud, or both, and accessed via the web on any device, anywhere, anytime, SYSPRO easily enables you to run a smart factory.

Manufacturing ERP Software Built for your Industry


Automotive Parts and Accessories

Make sure your core processes are flexible enough to adapt to the road ahead.

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Chemicals and Fertilizers

Grow, connect, streamline, and build your chemical manufacturing value chain.

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Provide better service and more sophisticated products, and deliver with speed and accuracy.

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Fabricated Metals

Gain greater insight into how you operate and more flexibility to stay ahead in a changing industry.

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Food and Beverage

Meet the demands for product traceability and innovation, while future-proofing your supply chain.

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Furniture and Fittings

Gain visibility and efficiency across your supply chain, and act fast on fluctuations in a stiffly competitive environment.

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Industrial Machinery and Equipment

Provide better service and more sophisticated products, and deliver with speed and accuracy.

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Medical devices

Operate strategically with the visibility you need to support new innovations and future growth.

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Go green, tightly manage your supply chain, and keep inventory turnover high.

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Plastics and Rubber

Gain flexibility and sustainability in your processes while maintaining precision execution.

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Product Features


Order Management

Save time managing and fulfilling orders, improve productivity and provide better customer service.

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Planning and Scheduling

Quickly and accurately plan and schedule while maximizing uptime.

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Capacity Planning

Create accurate plans that include constraints like machines, personnel and inventory that ensure delivery as promised.

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Supply Chain

Effective supply chain management enables on-time and in-full delivery of products in the most efficient, responsive and economical way.

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Production Control

Improve execution by tracking, recording and controlling your supply chain and manufacturing processes.

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Manufacturing Operations Management

Advanced Planning and Scheduling with analytics that improves the manufacturing operations.

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Inventory Management

Ensure optimum distribution of inventory and parts to satisfy the requirements of the production processes.

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Track products and components right through the supply chain from inspection to distribution.

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Cost Control

Reduce costs across the supply chain and increase profitability by improving inventory optimization, waste management and shop floor data collection.

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How SYSPRO ERP Software addresses your Manufacturing Challenges

Solve your Manufacturing needs

Get resources and insights into your industry and how our technology can
enable you to disrupt your business and focus on business growth.

SYSPRO Industry Built ERP for
Manufacturers and Distributors

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of how SYSPRO ERP can assist
you as a Manufacturer.


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SYSPRO enables Smart Manufacturing

Manufacturers are realizing that digital technologies have the potential to fundamentally change their business. To ensure your manufacturing capability is at the forefront of change and innovation, you should be looking at Smart Manufacturing. A Smart Manufacturing enabled organization has all the information about the entire manufacturing process available in real-time, when and where it is needed and in the form needed to empower smart decisions.


Artificial Intelligence

SYSPRO’s practical application of ML and AI provides an improved user experience and enables organizations to take advantage of these new technologies.

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Big Data

SYSPRO provides big data technologies that manage, analyze and process your big data, and provides access to relevant and critical information from anywhere.

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Chatbots integrate with legacy systems and use natural language processing to create real-time conversations and information exchanges with users.

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Cloud ERP

The full functionality of SYSPRO ERP Software is available with SYSPRO Cloud, which meets the needs of manufacturing and distribution companies.

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Internet of Things

If you want to leverage the power of the Industrial Internet of Things, the SYSPRO ERP ecosystem will enable your business to leverage the technologies.

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Mobile ERP

With the Mobile ERP capabilities of SYSPRO Espresso, you can have complete control over the planning and management of every facet of your business.

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Social ERP

The ability to do more with less, and most importantly, to be able to effectively communicate and collaborate across their entire organization.

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Manufacturing Operations

Manufacturing Operations Management supports your complete manufacturing life-cycle, to provide you with a 360˚ view of your production.

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