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Delicious Profitability: Simplify Your Operations with SYSPRO Food Manufacturing Software

  • Improve QA with recipe control and full traceability
  • Comply with food safety regulations
  • Perform a full product recall quickly and efficiently
  • Boost inventory turnover and materials management
  • Manage expiration dates to minimize waste
  • Gain 360-degree visibility across your operations for smarter decision-making

Ken's Foods

Ken’s Foods scales growth using Crawford Software and SYSPRO.


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Food Traceability Software

You can’t grow your business the way you want when you’re worried about constantly changing ingredient prices or spoilage in your warehouse. It’s hard to focus on strategy when you know QA mistakes in food manufacturing can be so costly. How confident are you that you can access the mix of information you need – right now – to successfully run every area of your business?

Discover how SYSPRO food manufacturing software can help you reduce costs, streamline your supply chain and get your food and beverage products to customers and distributors faster than ever, even at high volume.

SYSPRO Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) empowers your team to efficiently manage areas like recipe quality control, compliance, traceability, product recall, purchasing, inventory management, shop floor operations, sales, financials and more. All from an integrated system, purpose-built for your industry needs.

Manage R&D for Faster Time to Market

  • Apply discipline to managing recipes throughout development with revision auditing

Optimize Supply Chain Efficiency

  • Meet company goals for ingredient and raw material sourcing
  • Purchase more strategically with an eye on seasonality
  • Improve forecast accuracy for just-in-time production
  • Enhance materials and inventory management to maximize shelf life and reduce waste

Streamline Production Management

  • Manage bottlenecks and keep up with seasonal demand with simpler production scheduling tools
  • Track your shop floor in real time and reduce lead times for faster delivery

Solve Food Industry Compliance Challenges

  • Meet Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and Safe Quality Food (SQF) standards with forward and backward traceability of lots/serials and supplier ingredients
  • Streamline USDA, HACCP, GMP and other regulatory requirements with fully integrated processes based on raw materials receiving, production, packaging or shipping steps
  • Reduce risk even further with electronic signatures and full audit trails

Keep Customers Safe

  • Accelerate the time to completion of your product recalls
  • Continually test and improve your traceability system
  • Remain compliant and meet regulatory reporting requirements

Enable Strategic Financial Management

  • Streamline accounting operations
  • Gain visibility into trends with built-in sophisticated analytics and reporting
  • Optimize profitability with end-to-end costing analysis
  • Support multiple currencies and sites with ease

Boost Customer Service

  • Get a single view of customers, contracts and orders with integrated CRM
  • Exceed customer expectations and improve margins with more accurate quoting
  • Manage and track special customer pricing

Best-in-Class Food ERP Software

Manufacturing Operations Management for Your Unique Business

Regardless of what products you produce, spreadsheets can only take you so far. You need management tools designed for your business to maximize operational effectiveness, minimize spoilage and ensure food safety.

Unlike entry-level accounting software, SYSPRO ERP Software for food is built to solve challenges across your entire food manufacturing operation, while being completely flexible, customizable and extensible. Choose the flavor that suits your business best.

Take your organization to the next level of growth with a strong, integrated technology foundation from a vendor who knows how to solve your specific industry challenges.

Customer Success Story

“SYSPRO has helped us tremendously because we now have better insight into our business. We have day-to- day control of what is in our inventory and we are more informed of our ‘best before’ dates.”
—VP of Finance, Annabelle Candy Company
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