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Chatbots Are Changing Business

Chatbots are fast becoming a broad technology initiative for many organizations. By integrating with legacy systems and using natural language processing, chatbots create real-time conversations and information exchanges with users.

This emerging platform has unlimited potential for business applications, including and analyze information from various sources to:

  • Create efficiencies
  • Improve processes
  • Increase revenue
  • Free up resources for more complex work

A number of technologies have progressed to where interactive bots can be added to enterprise applications to enhance the user experience. The advances in voice recognition, natural language processing, and machine learning have come together to make it possible to have intelligent bots that can perform any number of tasks without the user having to touch the keyboard. With this release, SYSPRO’s bot (named Ken) will start off with some 60 different skills. Many regular daily operations—from customer service to warehouse management operations—can be handled easily via this interactive bot, as opposed to having to having users key commands into a device. The use of bots, along with other hands-free wearables, is the future of the user experience.


The Benefits of Using Chatbots in Your ERP System

By providing customers and suppliers within your supply chain with an always-on and consistent self-service, the SYSPRO Bot enables you to:

Freeing up resources within business to spend their time performing more valuable tasks

with an always-on (24/7) , consistent service for customers and suppliers within your supply chain, across the globe.

Freeing up resources within business to spend their time performing more valuable tasks

For an always available, intuitive, multi-platform and multi-device user experience when engaging with and within your business.

SYSPRO ERP Software Bot Features

  • Hosted in Azure and uses the Microsoft Bot Framework, allowing 24/7 availability across the globe
  • Interacts through any platform and device of choice
  • Uses machine learning, natural language parameters, and Microsoft’s Language Understanding Intelligence Service to interpret human language
  • Can be trained on skills that need to be performed, with approximately 60 skill sets currently available, which can be streamlined to perform a complete process
  • The identity of the Bot can match your organization to assume a digital persona and become the ‘face’ of the company
  • Meets and adheres to predetermined security and authentication protocols

Meet Ken the Bot


Why not test our real-time Bot

Below are a few of the commands you can use
to interact with the Ken:

  • You will need to initiate the conversation by greeting the bot E.g. “Hi”
  • You can perform a price enquiry or logon to perform more functions.
  • In searches, when the bot asks for a Stock code, Supplier, etc. You can either enter the code (eg. “A100”) or description or event reply * to view the first 5 items
  • If you ever get stuck in a search, you can just type “Exit” to end the conversation and reply with “Hi” again to restart the conversation.

Using Customer Service Chatbots + ERP

The (AI) web robot resides within the SYPRO ERP ecosystem and is referred to as a “Digital Citizen” within SYSPRO. Its main purpose is to drive self-service requests by integrating with ERP systems and orchestrating operations for simple or repetitive tasks.

The SYSPRO Bot engages with stakeholders across the organization, whether internal or supply-chain focused, and connects to the SYSPRO ERP solution to accomplish specific business functions. This enables the businesses to train a Bot to perform certain processes as proficiently as anyone else would, and automate processes using this digital citizen. With a set of approximately 60 skill sets available for managing ERP specific functions, the digital citizen can assist internal users or external customers with surfacing information or performing tasks such as price queries, stock look-ups, order status and more.

The chatbot can interact with any interface and any device via any platform. This allows customers and suppliers to access him via a company website, Facebook messenger, or any app where he can be added as a contact.

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