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To be truly competitive in today’s business world it is about having the most efficient and effective supply chain possible. Technology designed for manufacturers, such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, provides organizations with improved visibility of the reliable local suppliers and their supply chains. The use of automated business systems supports efficient management of procurement and sourcing policy changes, improved distribution, and better decision-making based on relevant, and accurate real-time data.

By accessing and relaying real-time information, insights, and trends through ERP, businesses can act instantly and decisively – helping increase responsiveness, lead times, and overall productivity. This improved operation agility enables businesses to pivot more quickly and smoothly during disruptions. In times of disruption, the power and benefits of a fully integrated ERP system cannot be under-estimated.

Boost Your Operations with SYSPRO ERP Software
Whether you operate a single factory or a multinational network, you need all of the cogs in your supply chain to work at peak efficiency to realize maximum profit – procurement and supplier relationships have an increasingly important role to play:
  • How can you minimize overall costs to produce and ship your products, while at the same time staying flexible and responding quickly to demand?
  • How do you leverage your whole-company spending potential to secure the best quality materials at the lowest cost?
  • How do you reduce the risk associated with securing these special rates with suppliers and still adhere to regulations throughout the procurement process, and across your entire enterprise?
  • How do you automate the requisition and tender process, minimize manual document handling and streamline collaboration with suppliers?
Business critical ERP solutions for an optimized supply chain

Rather than focusing on individual suppliers, with SYSPRO ERP solutions you gain a holistic view to enable you to look at your entire system and find ways to improve delivery speed, while reducing costs and risks.

Supply Chain Portal
SYSPRO’s Supply Chain Portal is an interactive web platform that facilitates online transactions between an enterprise and its suppliers and customers. The Supply Chain Portal is unlike other portals in the market in that it not only enables the automation of procurement processes, it also facilitates customer engagements. It is integrated with and pulls data from SYSPRO ERP.

Preferred Supplier

Preferred Supplier is a feature within SYSPRO’s ERP that facilitates and optimizes the management of sourcing strategies in procurement, and for the recommended selection of suppliers during the purchasing cycle.

Request for Quote
Request for Quote (RFQ) provides the ability to extend a formal invitation to suppliers to tender on the supply of goods or services. As a vital part of Procurement, this capability provides transparency of the tender process, improving governance and streamlines the process by automating the creation of the RFQ from a Requisition, allowing servicing of the RFQ directly by suppliers online.​ Request for Quote also assists buyers in making informed procurement decisions quickly and easily as they can compare offerings from different suppliers. The reduction of manual processes decreases the manual workload of key staff, freeing them up to perform more relevant tasks. ​

Lot Traceability
SYSPRO Lot Traceability enables you to maximize quality control by tracking products, materials and processes, as well as by facilitating effective recalls. It caters for the tracking of materials through receipt, manufacture, assembly, inspection, stocking and final distribution, while maintaining quality assurance certification and tracking expiration dates.

Requirements Planning
Material Requirements Planning assists you in planning and creating realistic production, purchasing and supply transfer schedules, and maintaining optimal stock holdings in a multi-warehouse environment. It nets-off supply against demand and calculate future material positions, suggesting changes or new manufacturing, purchasing and transfer actions to satisfy the demand.

Supply Chain Optimization ERP Software
If you’re serious about finding ways to streamline your supply chain operations, here are some keys to success.
With the integration of digital devices and working collaboratively and contextually with the SYSPRO business solution, manufacturers and distributors can digitize and streamline their operations by connecting their assets to the Internet and generating data from them.
By extending self-service of tenders to suppliers using the Supply Chain Portal, you can streamline collaboration with suppliers, minimize document handling and improve transparency and governance in the procurement process. A Request for Quote capability provides the ability to extend a formal invitation to suppliers to tender on the supply of goods or services, automates the creation of the RFQ from a Requisition, and allows servicing of the RFQ directly by suppliers online.

How mature are your suppliers? What is their typical lead time and capacity? Do you have next-tier suppliers as backup? SYSPRO ERP Software gives you tools to measure performance and identify where you might have gaps. It also helps you identify which suppliers meet your goals for sustainability, such as use of recycled materials, and which ones might partner with you to share incentives. ERP solutions like SYSPRO offer you automated alerts so you can identify supplier issues and resolve them quickly.

How vulnerable is your supply chain to issues like seasonality, government or market forces, or other risks? Supply chain optimization in partnership with your ERP software should give you the visibility to identify constraints in the system, such as spikes in fuel costs or even the potential for climate-based disasters. That way you can mitigate and hedge against risks.

It’s simple: inventory costs. That’s one reason why so many firms are moving to Lean manufacturing and just-in-time delivery. With an ERP platform that combines advanced scheduling, demand inventory forecasting and Materials Requirements Planning (MRP), you can stock just what you need, in response to demand, reducing both costs and waste. You can also purchase raw materials wisely taking into account issues like seasonality. And, SYSPRO ERP Software empowers you to model stock levels and do “what if” simulations that show the trade-offs of time and money.

Managing your supply chain effectively means handling reverse product flow, too. SYSPRO ERP software helps streamline return logistics with visibility back through to R&D. And, if you operate in an industry like health or safety, SYSPRO enables you to track quality data on both products and their ingredients, from purchasing through inspection, manufacturing, stocking and sales. Traceability of lots helps you stay in compliance and respond quickly to recalls.

Supply chain optimization includes finding ways to reduce delivery and storage costs. For example, ERP solutions like SYSPRO’s feature container management, so you can optimize shipping costs and gain schedule predictability. Should you move your warehouse location to be closer to customers? SYSPRO ERP can help you decide, with tools to model and analyze your total landed costs across the supply chain.

Do you have a good handle on which products are slow-moving, excess, active or static? SYSPRO enables you to analyze stock codes (SKUs) at a granular level, so you can see each item’s historical demand behavior and impact on profits. Then from a supply chain perspective, you can balance materials ordering based on product roles – basic, seasonal or safety stock – and analyze where to invest resources.

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SYSPRO ERP is functionally-rich software that provide capabilities to manage and support business processes, in manufacturing and distribution companies. The solution is aligned with industry trends to leverage emerging technologies.

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