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Let’s be honest – no one likes continually working late. But if you’re working off disparate and inaccurate data, late nights may be the only way to meet your 2018 goals. That’s where CRM for SYSPRO can add a new level of efficiency and value, no matter what role you have within the business.

CRM for SYSPRO simplifies business operations by enabling you to:

  • Boost sales, customer satisfaction, and service with extensive insight into customer data
  • Analyze business performance from multiple sources, enabling better decision-making
  • Provide a foundation for increasing revenue and ROI

The CRM for SYSPRO software solution is tailor-made to help manufacturers and distributors like you maximize revenue and make remarkable gains in productivity. Work when and where you want with a CRM that moves with you, while finding complete success by integrating the front office and the back office.


Free webinar:
CRM + ERP = Value

Download this informative webinar on how you can leverage your SYSPRO ERP system with CRM for SYSPRO. We will show you how the features and functions of this innovative solution can integrate all areas of your business and help you work smarter, not harder. This webinar highlights brand new functionality, as well as features like Pipeline Management, Spotlight Searches, Dashboards, a custom Module Builder, and much more.


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CRM software your way: modern, flexible, easy to use

With CRM for SYSPRO, you can empower your sales team to simplify quoting and manage pipelines, while enabling your marketing team to measure the success of campaigns and execute targeted communications. Customer service teams can track and manage returns and repairs with greater visibility.

Plus, CRM for SYSPRO ensures that every department is working from the same set of customer information. Your financial team can manage billings and create forecasts more easily. Products can even be configured using CRM data for make-to-order environments. The production team will be more accurate in their forecasting and production schedule.

CRM for SYSRPO is Web-based and mobile-friendly so your whole team can access customer data any time, anywhere. Here are just a few more reasons to choose CRM for SYSPRO.

Customer Spotlight: Dynojet
CRM for SYSPRO – integrated with our returns processing module – enabled automotive parts maker Dynojet to improve its technical support without having to add staff. Dynojet organizes and maintains customer records in its CRM database, and uses it to issue service tickets, so the team has a firm grasp of what products are returned and why. This feedback is shared so the company can readily make adjustments to enhance product quality. And, the company is better able to communicate with customers about the status of their service orders.

  • On-premise or hosted deployment for maximum flexibility
  • Robust role and group security
  • Responsive HTML5
  • Microsoft SQL and standard APIs
  • Flexiblity to adapt to changing business processes

Easy Access to CRM Data 24/7

  • Web-based user interface
  • Access via most mobile devices
  • Microsoft Outlook and email bidirectional integration; full SMTP support
  • Build custom charts and graphs to display within CRM records; drill-down into this data for faster searching and inline analysis
  • Create custom reports  and launch directly from the CRM browser with the integration to SQL Reporting Services. Report on CRM data, SYSPRO data, or any other data source

Easy-to-Use CRM Interface

  • Create personalized experience with role-specific views and data-entry forms
  • Add and edit records lightning fast
  • Drag and drop grids for customized views
  • Extensive search and filter features

CRM Management Dashboards

  • Build custom widgets to display specific information
  • Roll-up sales and marketing performance analysis
  • Leverage Iframes on record forms to display data from any web page inside of CRM.  Display web-based reports within record forms

Automated Workflow Processes

  • Streamline routine business processes with local or server-based workflows
  • Alert notifications prompt fast action
  • Field Level Triggers fire off a custom process by modifying any field in CRM. Ex: Send emails, schedule appointments, assign tasks, pop-up alerts, and more

Customer Service Ticket Tracking

  • Escalate faster response time to customer issues
  • Maintain complete interaction history
  • Create natural language knowledge base

Marketing Campaign Optimization

  • Track leads, campaigns and budgets
  • Execute targeted communications
  • Analyze ROI of marketing initiatives
  • Import tool imports directly from csv including data like accounts, contacts, campaigns, opportunities, service tickets, and Custom Entities

ERP + CRM Solutions: Specially Designed for Your Industry

Trying to integrate ERP and CRM from different vendors can be costly, complex and risky. With CRM for SYSPRO, you can be sure that your customer information is connected to support efficiency and productivity across the entire organization, streamlining finance and accounting, production, supply chain management, logistics and other management operations. Learn more today.

Customer Success Story

“The new CRM for SYSPRO has had a great impact on us. The transition to the web-based version has equipped our sales team with the real-time data that they need to make informed decisions. Our team has the ability to see sales order history, recent customer service issues, and other pertinent items related to each customer no matter where they are. On an executive level, the appointments feature allows our management team to see where their sales reps are when they’re in the field, where they are going, and what’s been discussed. It’s really helped us a lot with our overall visibility and collaboration.”
–Melody Kaaua, IT Manager, Performance Machine
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